Monday, April 18, 2011

Chosen by VEDA #3: Great Gunplars - Lupes

Now usually I like to hunt out completed kits for these articles, but this one simply can't wait for the completed process and that's Lupes' PG Strike Freedom WIP. I've seen alot of Strike Freedoms lately due to it being the latest PG kit and alot of custom color schemes but none really grabbed me such as this. It seems I have a thing for blues since my first "Chosen by VEDA" was Gai-Gun's Mica Blue Gouf Ver. 2.0. Words can't describe how awesome these metallic blues work well with each other and it's even been called the "ANA Strike Freedom" due to the metallic blues and light blues being used, and to top it all off....he used a custom LED in the head, one thing I really like as you all know! Enough talk, take a gander at some awesome pics below!

Lupes runs his own blog called It's A Gundaaaam! which can be found here, go and take a look at the Blue Beserker Sinanju while you are at it!

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