Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chosen by VEDA #4: Great Gunplars - Tember Gundam

I've decided Chosen By VEDA articles are no longer a monthly thing, I'm just going to highlight awesome gunplars whenever the hell I feel like it now, it will lead to more content anyway, but enough about that! This time around we got Tember Gundam and his awesome PG 00 Gundam. It took me a long while to warm up to the design of 00, I thought it took what Exia was and kind of went backwards but I came around especially after seeing so many amazing schemes people applied to it and at the top is this PG, the first PG for Chosen by VEDA. I love the way he worked in different blues instead of relying on just the usual blue, then add in after market thrusters from Mecha Skunk, and abunch of decals that make it truly Ver. Tem! Few pictures below, but it to do it justice hit Tember Gundam's Blog and view all the pics!

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