Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PG Gundam MK. II LED Tutorial

Below is a snippet from my WIP post for the PG Gundam MK. II originally located here on the Gundam Australia Forums.

Ok here we are, we're taking this just like a WIP with tutorial undertones! I have the first part of this LED tutorial already ready to go. The eyes and the cockpit on the PG Mk. II are already built in to have LEDs, so what I wanted to do is put LEDs in the chest mounted sensors/cameras.

Here we have the setup, my progress of the MK. II so far and the LED unit and the battery pack.

Blurry photo but you get the idea, this is a Chip LED unit, for obvious reasons it's called this. This is byfar the smallest LED I work with, the others I have are typically bulb-like, but still rather small.

Here I have disassembled the chest unit where I plan to put the LEDs. The fact this comes with clear pieces already is a big help.

Here I have shown my intention to run the wires through the head unit like the rest of the built-in wires from the kit, this actually did not work the way I planned so I put the wires under the chest and it's hidden by the side chest pieces. You have to experiment at times to find proper wire placement, and do be careful not to put too much stress on the wires as you can sever the wiring and cause a big headache. Always plan on the Gundam moving when you pose it and take in account that movement could stress your wiring job, so install smart!

Another look at what I did, although I did not go this route, this gives you a good look at the kit itself and their LED setup. It's rather fun.

Here I have put the small chip LED into the camera unit.

You never know what could happen to these units so I never recommend a permanent solution (like glues or cements) for setting these LEDs, I prefer to use sticky tac to seat my LEDs so they stay put but I have the ease of pulling them out to adjust them later if I so wish.

After placing it back on the model, I wire up the bulb to the power source and hit my easy on/off switch and there you have it. One LED installed!

Another view, here you can see how I had to run the wire the lwoer part of the chest armor here.

Rinse and repeat and I have done the same on the other side, now it's looking pretty awesome!

Here we have an issue for a future update, it looks good and cool....but there's quite a length there I need to shorten up and I need to find a place to hide that power source, unlike my MG kits....This should be a little easier on a PG!

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